IntroducingKnow Your Day

a new powerfulAI Powered

Performance Insight Tool

Employee and Staff Performance Monitoring is a crucial component in the overall management of an organisation, which allows managers and employees alike to better understand how their time is being spent. In a world where remote and co-located working is increasingly common, Know Your Day is a powerful Artificial Intelligence powered one-stop solution for managing your day including billable hours within an organisation.

Graphs monitoring employees day


Lightweight endpoints with a
central monitored dashboard
Set and track Targets
for your Team / Department
Artificial intelligence core
for behavioural analysis
Sensitive query filters to prevent
logging confidential information
Keystroke counter without
keystroke logger
Day-to-day analysis of
overall user activity
Dictonary based classifiers like
Technical / News / Social Media
Department based
Activity classification
Calculation of billable hours
by employee & project

how it works

Runs in the background

It runs securely in the background on your PC or MAC

Tracks Activity

Tracks time spent on applications, keystroke counts, web activity giving an accurate picture of your day

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Machine Learning learns employee behaviour and enhances the data and results

Detailed Reports & Alerts

Get detailed reports and data based on activity, including billable hours for yourself and your team. Provides alerts if Targets not met.


Cyber Security Considerations

Know Your Day is different from typical Employee Monitoring Software. The endpoint specifically does not collect security sensitive information. It does not log keystrokes (it counts keystrokes), it does not track full URLs and it does not take screenshots.

Advanced Neural network algorithms for
behavioural analysis & activity classifications

Neural Network based categorisation of Complex data simplifies understanding what your team are working on.

Centralized dashboards to 
monitor user activity throughout day

Employee Monitoring in a constructive format to give positive feedback to enhance their performance and help teams to coordinate their time more effectively.

Billable hours to accurately track 
making it easy to track your hours and generate reports

Tracking billable hours has never been easier with this easy to use taskbar extension. It works coherently across multiple machine, and generates project activity reports that can be used to support your invoicing.

Get to know the AI powered Knowyourday with this demo video